Know Thyself – Course on Socratic dialogue

Online course (Zoom) June 5 – July 24

“Know Thyself” (Gnothi seauton) was the first of the three Delphic maxims inscribed in the Temple of Apollo, and using the method of Socratic dialogue is a way of getting to know ourselves through questioning. By questioning ourselves and others we become aware of our own functions and motivations. It also demands of us that we are attentive to how we speak since our speech reveals a lot about who we are.

About the course

During this course we will work with interpretation of texts, both philosophical and literary ones, which deal with the concept of knowing thyself. We will also practise the art of questioning through philosophical consultations. Finally we will identify the different paradigms within which we function, such as psychological, intellectual, existential, ethical, among others.

The course is mainly practical. It is not a theoretical course or a series of lectures. Instead you will be engaged in workshops where we will use various philosophical competencies important for our work, such as interpretation, argumentation, problematisation and conceptualisation, as well as questioning each other.

You will for instance be asked you to identify the main concept or the central idea of a text and give an argument for your answer. You will also be trained in question technique in order to investigate what lies behind what we say with our words. This will make you more aware of how you and others speak, how we think, and what influences our behaviour, all for the purpose of learning to know ourselves better.

No previous knowledge is required to take part in the course!


  • Amount – 8 sessions of 2 hours
  • Dates – June 5 – July 24
  • Time – Mondays 7pm – 9pm
  • Price – 300€
  • Platforms – Zoom and Google Docs
  • Language – English

❝ Examining myself and others is the greatest good to man

Socrates – Apology

Results from the course

Insight – You will get an insight into your own thinking patterns and how they influence your behaviour

Awareness – You will gain more awareness of how people express themselves and to spot the hidden presuppositions behind what they say

Efficiency – You will gain more awareness of how people express themselves and to spot the hidden presuppositions behind what they say

Knowledge – You will get to know yourself better, both through questioning yourself and seeing yourself through the eyes of the other

The Tutors

Anna Touati is a philosophical practitioner from France
Mathias Tistelgren is a philosophical practitioner from Sweden

Contact us

After having submitted your details you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay. You can pay either via bank transfer, Paypal or Swish (in Sweden).