Here you can read about the services I provide and what forms they take. We usually meet online, although offline meetings can also be arranged.

Philosophical Consultation

You come to the consultation with a question, something you want to discuss, it is often a problem or an issue you are dealing with, and during a conversation of around an hour we explore this question and what might lie behind it. The starting point is that you are curious about yourself and want help with seeing yourself from the outside, reflected in another person. This conversation can result in the untying of knots and help you gain a different perspective on your problem.

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A group of people want to meet to discuss some issue that interests them under the guidance of a facilitator. We help each other clarify the idea and penetrate deeper into the exciting issues. This can take place on a single occasion or be a recurring activity. In the process we get to know more about ourselves and how our thinking functions.

5 Sessions

We meet for 5 sessions of 90 minutes and what we focus on is up to you. Some prefer practicing the philosophical skills of argumentation, problematization, conceptualization, interpretation, etc. while others prefer to work on themselves. In that case these competences can become a tool to facilitate this, but it will rather be the existential questions that are in the foreground. Regardless of the focus you will become better att analyzing yourself, how you think and how you speak, and you will gain a greater awareness of how you function intellectually and emotionally.

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Training for Groups

A group of teachers like to get some training in questioning techniques; a group of managers think that practice in critical thinking or in argumentation can contribute positively to the business. During a workshop of a few hours, we practice this competency and acquire a number of tools that can be helpful in our work.